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Be True To Yourself Lyrics By 2Nd Ii None

    tha d
    let’s take a trip on the other side of the land
    with things ain’t planned for the average man
    you can be a young brother who’s rolling
    and now things so good that you’re holding
    big bank top rank
    mr too cold who got all the hoes
    pushin hard to keep from being bound
    cause there’s always somebody tryin to bring you down
    try to run a scheme on what you got
    ’cause what you got them niggas jot
    women love it and brothers hate it
    they just can’t stand to see you make it
    a girl can be your main downfall
    she don’t take half the hoe takes all
    now check to see how your cards are dealt
    and stay true to yourself

    keep cool little girl
    you got what you deserve
    don’t copycat when a rich hoes splurge
    cause yo you might break yourself
    trying to keep up with somebody else
    waiting for the mailman to bring you a check
    money all gone now you’re a wreck
    taking your friends out for a big feast
    you wanna treat and you don’t even eat
    looking all stupid with a messed up grin
    trying to be nice so you can fit in
    huh couldn’t get your hair done
    now you’re unhappy cause your head all nappy
    and it’s a shame you ain’t got no money
    girl that shit ain’t funny
    no friends to cope you got with the dope
    wasn’t true now it ain’t no hope
    shoulda been true to yourself


    tha d
    momma always told me there’d be days like this
    on top of all of this bullshit
    never ever let a young girl make you
    let alone a hoe break you
    being strong in the mind will make you a true
    and make you jack no one and make them jack you
    yo k come express how you feel
    show ’em how to be real

    true open your eyes and look
    the best friend might be the crook
    you solved the case but you still winded up
    saying nothing yet that’s your best friend
    ’till the end now he in trouble
    where’s the friend he left with a hoe
    and you’re stuck outta luck
    nobody else helps you shoulda been true to yourself

    scratching dj quik
    ayo quik why don’t you show ’em you’re true to these tables

    yeah this shit goes out to all them people
    who ain’t true to theyself
    runnin up behind somebody else following in they shadow
    get on your own tip fools
    and stay out the next man nuts
    haha we out

    Artist: 2Nd Ii None

    Year: 1992

    Decade: 90s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 233