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Ballad Of Two Brothers Lyrics By Autry Inman

    somewhere in vietnam september first
    dear mom and dad
    we must’ve marched twenty miles today
    through the rain and the mud
    and believe it or not
    this is the first opportunity
    i’ve had to sit down and
    write in two or three weeks
    this’ll have to be short
    but i just wanted to send my love
    and let you know that i’m doing fine
    but you know just being here
    and seeing how close these people
    are to losing their freedom
    makes me that much more determined
    to help win this war
    ’cause if we don’t the next battlefield
    may be closer to home than vietnam
    must close for now all my love
    your son bud
    ps how’s tommy doing
    at state university
    tell him his big brother said hello
    state university september first
    hi dad we must have
    marched twenty blocks today
    and baby i’m beat
    i mean like the sign
    i was carrying got real heavy
    but dad everything was out of sight
    there were recorders and
    photographers and cameraman
    from every major news
    service and network in the nation
    so look for your baby boy’s picture
    on the front page of today’s paper
    of course you might have a
    little trouble recognizing me
    with my groovy beard
    but dad i know we’re right
    how can you defend my brother
    murdering all those people overseas
    so what if the communists
    do take over in south vietnam
    why just today
    our economics professor assured us
    that people get along
    just as well under communism
    as they do under
    any other form of government
    i’m sorry dad
    but this god and country bit
    just isn’t my bag
    gotta go dad big rally tonight
    your son tommy
    ps dad better send me an
    extra fifty bucks this week dig
    dear mr and mrs smith
    i know you must be awfully
    proud of your fine son
    i wish i could be there to
    see you recieve bud’s medal of honor
    it may comfort you to know
    that his last thoughts were of you
    and as his sergeant
    i can truthfully say
    he was one of the bravest men
    i have ever known
    dear mom and dad
    it’s been some time
    since i received word about bud
    somehow i just didn’t have
    the nerve to come home
    but i’ve done a lot of thinking since then
    about my turned on friends and
    about what they said about communism
    we were all wrong
    and you know i always just worship bud
    now that i’ve thought it over i know
    that he would never fight for something
    unless he believed in it
    with all of his heart
    and in spite of all my past mistakes
    i hope that somehow someday
    i can become as big in your eyes
    as my brother will always be
    your son private tommy smith

    Artist: Autry Inman

    Year: 1968

    Decade: 60s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 244