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Bad Bitch From Tokyo (Intro) Lyrics By Pop Smoke

    yeah yeah
    yeah yeah yeah
    yeah yeah yeah this is a melo beat
    yeah yeah

    bad bitch from tokyoohdrip from italyoh
    smokin’ runtz in rome oh gotit for eight a piece ohoh
    christian dior christian dior big twentytwos oh
    big thirtyeight oh don’t tote no twentytwos ohoh
    wait i’m goin’ state to state look
    i looked my killer in his eyes yeah i’m talkin’ facetoface
    my nigga killer caught a body took it to trial and beat the case
    my nigga walked out of court ha then hopped in a wraith

    hopped in a wraith yeah skrrt

    Artist: Pop Smoke

    Year: 2020

    Decade: 20s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 69