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Back To The Hotel Lyrics By N2Deep

    vtown brother check it out i’m bout to throw down
    dank in hand the shit that has you toe down
    a little city chillin’ in the north bay
    needless to say my boys don’t play fool
    yorker sidin’ you know how the song goes
    in the back sippin’ purple chongos
    don’t look for trouble but it always seems to find us
    forty grippin’ panty sippin’ and it sneaks up right behind us
    quick left one blow ko
    hit the road to the next episode
    in the saga of a few fellas
    oh what the hell i guess i better tell ya
    it’s friday night i got a brand new kit on
    a fifth of heem for me to get bent on
    hit the country club to pick up ml
    eighty west back to the hotel

    at the telly vogues is doing pipe work
    johnny z had his hand up a miniskirt
    the latte in the corner started to flirt
    and i knew that when she saw me baby doll was gonna jaw me
    set for the night so i took her to my ride
    grab my mickey and my buddha and i met her outside
    whoride rolling striking through to be seen
    a lexus 400 turnin’ triple gold zeens
    acid in my bottle so i gotta get some more
    put the pedal to the metal back to the liquor store
    ’cause you know what i mean when i’m feelin’ kinda funky
    a sick honky straight goin’ donkey
    money in my sock jimmy in the glove
    layin in the lexus i’m about to make good love
    and burn rubber up the block
    back to the telly i gotta get some new cock
    new cock echoes

    jay tee
    aw naw could it be
    i just got a page an’ a broad wanna do me
    hooked it up told her meet me at the hotel
    she had a friend with her so i called tl
    swoop me up sally wanna meet dick
    and might lick so try an’ make it real quick

    tickhonk honk

    aw yeah i jumped in the ltrain
    but wait a minute we gotta hit the store mayne
    i got to get some gum and some tictacs
    two tall cans and a packet of blackjacks
    we got the goods now we’re headin’ for the hoedown
    there goes the telly so fella won’t you slow down
    park the ride in the front like a sick one
    just in case we gotta bust a quick one
    lock the load let’s go look for like 8
    but lay low cause i really don’t wanna be seen
    is this the room aw yeah that’s the right one
    i got the black broad and you got the white one
    so hit the light man i just might man
    try an’ throw this thing all night an’
    get her so sprung that she’ll drop some mail
    so i can cut turf and hit another hotel

    Artist: N2Deep

    Year: 1992

    Decade: 90s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 282