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Baby Don’t Go Lyrics By Fabolous Featuring Jermaine Dupri

    hook tpain fabolous jd
    i try to play cool
    actin like what you do don’t phase me don’t phase me
    meanwhile i’m sittin at home all alone
    tryin to keep myself from goin crazy
    when i’m in the house when i think about
    when i see you out when i hear about tpain
    i want my baby back ‘loso and i thought it would be easy
    but it’s hard for me to let you go
    baby don’t go baby don’t go
    baby don’t go baby don’t y’all know what this is

    now i’m better than your ex gon’ be better than your next
    baby screwed up so you better be from texas
    can’t seem to doubt that i creamed her out
    now you dream about how i turned nieman out
    nothin to scream about just back your bimmer out
    pack it up in the trunk go back to key my house
    cause i can play cool but i can’t play fool
    there’s options in break up you ever play pool
    better do you cause i damn sure does me
    and what your buzz be is only because of me
    the wifey husby never was me
    i does me trust me
    i don’t wanna another you so i’mma slide yup
    but i got another boo on the side baybay

    hook tpain fabolous unlisted jd ad libs

    through the time i been alone time i spent on phones
    know you ain’t lettin them climb up in my throne
    now baby that lime with that patron
    have me talkin crazy it’s time to come on home
    now i talk with someone above
    it’s okay to lose your pride over someone you love
    don’t lose someone you love though over your pride
    stick wit’cha entree and get over your side
    we break up to make up at jacob’s baby
    her parents fought too i’m the makeup baby
    wake up baby love’ll have you open though
    i mean you seen tom cruise on the oprah show
    so i just can’t bet on the next hand
    there’s too much in this pot just to give to the next man


    now if you ain’t never went through it you ain’t really into it
    the next rap to show you i really been through it
    every other day i’m givin the love away
    that’s what your friend’s sister or little brother say
    if i’mma do somethin it’s the undercover way
    when them hatin ass watchdogs look the other way
    and others may not see that we need each other
    but if we on the same page we can read each other
    they should learn us instead of try to turn us
    mr and ms smith we both got the burners up
    if you love your baby then turn this up
    know we keep this hot like a thermos cup
    relax don’t be tryin to perm us up
    we already straight yesss


    jermaine dupri
    fab we gon’ have to make a dance to this song man
    y’knahmean ain’t no way you can’t dance on this
    uhhh tpain

    i want my baby back and i thought it would be easy
    but it’s hard for me to let you go

    Artist: Fabolous Featuring Jermaine Dupri

    Year: 2007

    Decade: 00s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 268