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Angels In Waiting Lyrics By Tammy Cochran

    we camped out on the livin’ room floor
    in our old sleepin’ bags
    by a make believe fire
    in our tent made of covers
    we’d talk for hours
    my two brothers and me
    keepin’ the faith
    racin’ with destiny

    they were angels in waiting
    waiting for wings to fly from this world
    away from their pain
    treasuring time
    ’til time came to leave
    leave them behind
    sweet memories
    angels in waiting
    angels in waiting for wings

    nd verse

    they always knew
    they’d never grow old
    sometimes the body is weaker than the soul
    in their darkest hour
    i made a promise
    i will always keep
    i’ll give them life
    i’ll let them live through me


    Artist: Tammy Cochran

    Year: 2001

    Decade: 00s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 69