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All Through The Night Lyrics By Tone Loc

    el debarge
    lord have mercy
    aah baby c’mon

    tone loc
    how you doin’ sweetheart
    it’s been a long time since i don’t see you and all that
    but i must that man
    this past few weeks
    i’ve been somethin’ else

    tone loc
    so many times in life i’ve been a fool
    you couldn’t tell me nothin’ i was still cool
    i played the games and i don’t know why
    i guess it’s all a part of bein’ a guy
    although the love comes straight from the heart
    but the love i’m losin’ you girl it’s tearin’ mine apart
    i never though that i could miss you so much
    your beautiful smile you go with the touch
    i love you more than the day is long and the reason i’m feelin’ like this is too strong
    i wanna be the man that you want me to be
    i’ll change my lifestyle no more in the street
    and with the chest i promise i’ll serve ya a love life that’ll never die
    so my hand and squeeze real tight
    and make love baby all through the night

    hook el debarge
    love you love you baby
    nothin’ just i do
    i wanna love you baby
    wanna be the only one the only one for you
    i wanna be the only one for you baby
    i wanna be the only one that goes and squeeze you tight
    i love it like that
    i wanna be the only you make up every night

    tone loc
    every night i fall asleep with you on my mind
    the picture is perfect but i still seem blind
    to the fact that all you wanted was me mr smith
    not tone loc
    sometimes a man never knows what he has until a true lady of his past
    girl i can ever be with

    love is one thing girl that i can give you
    and then due the respect i pay tribute
    a special kind of breathe
    and the ones you’ve given me i’m more than
    with your manerism

    Artist: Tone Loc

    Year: 1991

    Decade: 90s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 165