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All Because Of You Lyrics By Marques Houston Featuring Young Rome

    uh uh mh let’s go

    marques houston
    i can’t blame you if you want to leave
    cuz’ i’m not the man that i once used to be
    but there’s a change that has come over me
    so before you go listen to my last plead

    all because of you
    ooh you’re the love of my life
    and i was doing wrong but i wanna do right
    all because of you
    no more staying out all night
    i wanna make it right wanna change my life
    all because of you
    i don’t wanna play no games
    wanna change your name to my name baby
    all because of you
    not gon’ be the man that i used to be no
    i changed because of you

    marques houston
    can’t take back the things that i did before
    but baby i’m promising that my heart is yoursyours
    i know it ain’t easy baby
    but you gotta believe me baby
    all i’m asking for is one more chance
    i changed because of you


    i i i i i wanna do right by you girl
    i i i i i wanna spend my life with you girl
    i don’t wanna play no games
    wanna change your name to my name baby
    i’m turning in my player’s card
    all because of you

    young rome
    you know let’s go
    i used to be the dude up in the club poppin’ bottles wrist glistening
    shorty tried to tell me chill but i wasn’t listening
    i can’t deny it you knew me for being immature
    only way of saying sorry take you to the store
    you told me all you really wanted was to see me more
    then the stress hit me hard like a meteor
    i hit rock bottom you was there to pick me up
    i neglected you we didn’t hug didn’t kiss enough
    but you never threw nothing up in my face
    gave me all your love and your warm embrace yeah
    now i see i’ll never find another like you
    you the type boo make a playa wanna wife you
    with me and you this money’s not an issue
    and i miss you when i touch you i can feel it in my bone gristle
    i’m still with you and i’m sorry bout the way i did you
    know it must have igged you but the trackman you know i’m getting

    hook over young rome’s last rhyme

    marques houston
    whoo mh uh
    that’s how we getting fab

    Artist: Marques Houston Featuring Young Rome

    Year: 2005

    Decade: 00s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 196