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Ain’t Nobody Home Lyrics By Howard Tate

    once upon a time
    a long long time ago
    wherever you’d lead me
    i would surely follow

    girl you put me through
    some pain and misery
    and now you’re
    standing on my doorstep
    telling me how much you need me

    ain’t nobody home
    ain’t nobody home nobody’s home

    how many times i begged
    for you to come home
    but you laughed at me
    and said let me alone

    through my burning tears
    i saw you walk away
    and now you beg me to forgive you
    but this time baby
    it’s your turn to beg

    girl i used to love you
    place no one else above you
    gave you everything that i own
    girl you can’t come back here
    ain’t nobody home

    once upon a time
    when you went on your way
    how i hoped and prayed
    that you’d come back some day

    but time has made some changes
    turned me upside down
    so you can beg me to forgive you
    but this time baby
    you can turn right around

    Artist: Howard Tate

    Year: 1966

    Decade: 60s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 84