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Ace Of Spade Lyrics By O V Wright

    hey that game you were playing
    been played on me before
    but the girl that played it
    she not here anymore

    listen to me baby have no fear
    game you were playin’
    i’m the one that brought it here
    i brought it here woah i brought it here

    i’m the ace of spade
    baby that’s me
    ace of heart
    just keep loving misery

    ace of diamond
    somethin’ every woman crave
    i use the ace of club
    to keep my baby in place

    listen to me baby you just can’t win
    places you tryin’ to go
    i already been i been there
    god i know i been there

    nine to the ten
    you just can’t win
    eight to the four
    hey just too low

    from the two to the three
    you can’t beat me
    i’m the ace of spade baby
    you can’t beat me

    i love you baby
    i can’t let you beat me no

    get your coat
    i’ll bring your hat
    i’m the ace of spade baby
    whenever you come back

    woah i love you baby
    from the bottom of my heart
    but i’ve got to be the ace of spade baby
    you can’t beat me

    i was made huh
    i was made for you to follow me baby
    everywhere i go

    hey hey oh yeah
    i’m still the ace of spade baby
    yes i am baby

    Artist: O V Wright

    Year: 1971

    Decade: 70s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 115