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A Tribute To A King Lyrics By William Bell

    listen people listen
    i’m gonna sing you a song
    about a man who lived good
    but didn’t live too long

    he was born in macon georgia
    a poor boy without a dime
    he found his way to memphis
    singing these arms of mine

    otis otis redding was his name
    without his soulful singing
    this old world won’t be the same

    now he traveled on to frisco
    new york and abroad
    everywhere he sang
    the people would applaud

    one day he left georgia
    wisconsin bound
    but he didn’t get to sing that night
    the plane he was in went down

    he was a soul music singer
    the king of the memphis sound
    it makes me feel so sad
    cause now he ain’t around

    he died with his
    close to his hands
    but his soul lives on today
    in the heart of a million fans

    taking about

    otis otis redding was his name
    his picture oughta be hung
    in the music hall of fame

    otis he was known as big o
    otis we gonna miss him so
    otis ooh yeah
    we gonna miss him so

    Artist: William Bell

    Year: 1968

    Decade: 60s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 98