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A Simple Man Lyrics By Lobo

    where do butterflies go when it rains
    who goes around tucks in the trains
    what makes a teddy bear like to sleep
    why do we all make promises that we can’t keep

    where do puppy dogs go when they’re sad
    and what do elephants say when they’re mad
    who do you tell if you don’t have a friend
    why do we open our mouths and stick our foot in

    these are the things that bother me
    not a lot of things across some sea
    i don’t even have a master plan
    i guess that i am just a simple man

    where do robins sleep on the road
    and how can a little ant carry that load
    why write words that we have to erase
    why does everyone have more than one face

    Artist: Lobo

    Year: 1972

    Decade: 70s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 56