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A Man Needs A Woman Lyrics By James Carr

    when i was the age of three
    my dear mother had a
    little talk with me

    she said a woman
    can be a good little thing
    but son she mean a
    whole world to men

    if i hadn’t loved
    your daddy this way
    he wouldn’t be the
    big man he is today

    don’t you know
    a man needs a woman
    a man got to have a woman
    to carry on to carry on
    to carry on

    just like the fish needs the ocean
    just like rough hand need a little lotion
    like the windows needs pane
    like the highway needs two lane

    just like a vampire needs blood
    like a dead dog need them bugs
    just like the darkness needs the light
    just like the fisherman he needs
    he needs a little bite now oh yeah

    just like a boxer need gloves
    just like me i need a little love
    like the soldier needs a gun

    Artist: James Carr

    Year: 1968

    Decade: 60s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 84