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A Little Is Enough Lyrics By Pete Townshend

    they say that love often passes in a second
    and you can never catch it up
    so i’m hanging on to you as though eternity beckoned
    but it’s clear that the match is rough

    common sense’s tell me not to try’n continue
    but i’m after a piece of that diamond in you
    so keep an eye open
    my spirit ain’t broken
    your love is so incredible
    your body so edible
    you give me an overdose of love
    just a little is enough

    i’m like a connoisseur of champagne cognac
    the perfume nearly beats the taste
    i eat an oyster and i feel the contact
    but more than one would be a waste

    some people want an endless line that’s true
    but all i have is a little time with you
    a smile sets me reeling
    a kiss feel like stealing
    your love is like heroin
    this addict is mellowing
    i can’t pretend that i’m tough
    just a little is enough

    just like a sailor heading into the seas
    there’s a gale blowing in my face
    the high winds scare me but i need the breeze
    and i can’t head for any other place

    life would seem so easy on the other tack
    but even a hurricane won’t turn me back
    you might be an island
    on the distant horizon
    but the little i see
    looks like heaven to me
    i don’t care if the ocean gets rough
    just a little is enough

    Artist: Pete Townshend

    Year: 1980

    Decade: 80s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 120