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    5 7 0 5but there’s no reply
    5 7 0 5

    got myself just one more dime
    but will the operator hold the line
    when my ears keeps telling me there’s no reply no reply
    pick up the telephone
    i go crazy when there’s no one home
    i feel cheated and small when my number’s on the wall of your room
    call me soon hey operator

    5 7 0 5
    but theres no reply
    i keep calling
    5 7 0 5
    why do you keep me hanging on the line

    i can’t believe that there’s no one there
    is this a private number love affair
    with your phonebook lover still waiting on wire hot wire
    i see the light shine behind your door
    i head the party on the second floor
    but you only pretend that you’ve been visiting friends from abroud
    tell me more hey operator

    mysterious feeling
    i can’t believe what she done to me
    but it’s too late now
    it’s all over town

    5 7 0 5
    but there’s no reply
    5 7 0 5
    can you hold the line x

    Artist: City Boy

    Year: 1978

    Decade: 70s

    Language: en

    Word Count: 105